By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

PRAJANAN or Procreation is an inborn instinct of a living being. Humans, animals, fish, fowl and Vanaspati or Vegetation leave behind numerous living beings of their kind before they depart for good.

Right at the beginning of the Creation, Ishwar had given the Vedas to the Rishis for the guidance of human beings to lead a life of righteousness. Along with the Gyan of Life and desire to have children was the knowledge of providing stability of social order. Human beings stabilized process of procreation by formalizing the social institution of Vivah or marriage to bring in order and discipline  through sublimation of sex. The Vedic injunction against sex for pleasure by allowing copulation between lawfully wedded husband and wife at an appropriate time only to beget children continues to hold in check humans running amuck for wild sex.

Many a time varied reasons like death and disease cause separation between the husband and wife at a young age when they are childless, so what is the way out to enable the separated man or woman to fulfill the religious duty of leaving behind a son or a daughter so that the human race not only survives but prospers. Well the answer is NIYOG.


When a widow wishes to have children after the demise of her husband, she lets the social order know of her desire and selection of a male member for copulation as per Vedic Vidhan to beget a child, it is termed as Niyog. In the case of Niyog “ the widowed woman remains in the house of the deceased husband…..children born of Niyog are not called children of the begetter, nor belong to his family, nor has he any claim over the children.” This excerpt is taken from the Satyarth Prakash chapter four written by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in Hindi and translated into English by Pt Ganga Prasad Upadhyay.

In this context it is important to make clear the claim of the child born of Niyog on the property of the man who begot him or her. A child begotten in Niyog will continue the lineage of the deceased husband of the widow and get a share in the property of the deceased husband of the widow concerned and live in her marital home. Thus one may say that a child begotten in Niyog has no legal share in the property of the man whose sperm fertilized the egg of his mother to bring him into this world. Similarly, the begetter of the baby in Niyog will never ever lay a claim of any kind at birth or thereafter. In the eye of law, no relationship moral, spiritual or financial will exist between the begetter and the baby.


A doubting Thomas may raise a doubt about the legal validity of Niyog by pointing out the erroneous thought and labeling Noyog as adultery. Let it be understood that Niyog is not a sin nor an adulterous act. Niyog is willful and consensual act of sex between  a man and a woman with the sole intent of begetting a baby and it is done within the knowledge of the social order that the two belong to. It is not a hush-hush affair done for fun at night under the cover of darkness. The common point between a lawful marriage and a Niyog is  : Both are made known to the social order that the man and the woman belong to. Well, a question may arise: what happens if the first attempt to impregnate a woman fails? Well, there is no embargo on making a second or a third attempt. One should remember that the declared desired intention of the man and the woman concerned is to have a baby and everyone in the neighbourhood knows about it. So, Niyog is not a sin or a crime because it is not done under the cover of darkness or in secrecy. On the other hand, adultery is a nocturnal affair where sex is performed for fun away from the prying eyes of the social or moral police, what to say of the State Police.

It would be a good idea to quote from the Satyarth Prakash  what Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati wrote in reply to a question about procedure to be followed in Niyog :

     “ Just as marriage is performed by proclamation, so is NIYOG. As marriage requires sanction of the society and consent of the couple, so does Niyog. When a man and a woman want to perform Niyog, they ought to declare before men and women of their families that they want to enter into Niyog relation for the sake of issues, that they will sever their connection when the purpose of Niyog is fulfilled, that they should be counted as sinners and be penalized by the society and the State if they do otherwise, that they will meet for intercourseonly once a month and will abstain from intercourse for a year after the conception.

 ( The translation from Hindi into English is done by Pt Ganga Prasad Upadhyay, an eminent Vedic scholar and preacher par excellence)

The Rishivar, a great religious and social reformer, was determined to apprise people of Bharat and later of the world the correct concept of Vedic Dharma and encourage both the Vedic Dharmis and others to follow what the Vedas laid down. That is the only way our human race may show an improvement.The observant Swami knew what way the sinners were going and reforming them was his duty, he thought. He advocated Niyog with the same fervor as the age-old institution of marriage – the Vedic Vivah. He equated the two procedures as the way to procreate. Sexual intercourse was the only way to procreate and one should not have a sense of shame or Lajja in advocating propagation of Niyog.

In the fourth chapter of the Satyarth Prakash dwelling on Niyog, Rishivar wrote and I quote him in original Hindi :

      “ Niyam se Vivah hone se ( stree-Purush ka sambhog – bracketed words are mine) vyabhichar nahi kahata, to niyampoorvak NIYOG hone se vyabhichar nahi kahavega………Ved shastrokt Niyog mein vyabhichar, paap, lajja na manana chahiye”

A free rendering into English would run thus: If a man and a woman are married as per the laid down procedure( their cohabitation would not be called promiscuity), likewise Niyog done as per procedure would not be termed promiscuity.      Niyog performed as per Vedic and Shastriya procedure would not be termed promiscuity entailing sin and shame.

It can be safely said that the Seer of the Arya Samaj knew that the sexual instinct of human beings led them astray. The Hindu widows were at the receiving end and quite oppressed socially. Their social and economic condition would improve if they were socially permitted to beget children and have a hope in the future. Therefore, Maharishi Dayanand strongly advocated through his writings and speeches the reintroduction of Niyog in our socio-religious order.


As of now the social acceptance of Niyog in the Hindu social order is rather dismal. The forward looking socio-religious organization like the Arya Samaj, founded by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in 1875 in Mumbai did not spearhead the movement. In 1877 with the establishment of the Arya Samaj in Lahore, the Punjab became its citadel. However, it was rather unfortunate that the Arya stalwarfs including Pradhans of the Arya Samaj Anarkali, Lahore like Lala Saindas, Mahatma Hansraj and others were rather lukewarm to the concept of Niyog. It was socially unacceptable in the open parlance but practiced clandestinely without flying the flag of Niyog.

Like the Garbhadhan Sanskar, the Niyog too could not gain popularity as men and women devoted to the Ten Principles of the Arya Samaj were rather diffident in declaring that on a particular day or night they would be sharing the bed with the avowed aim of begetting a child. What if the effort failed and conception did not take place? The couple might become the laughing stock of the persons known and unknown. Thus performing a Havan for Garbhadhan or with the declared intention of Niyog requires a lot of social courage that they lacked. Therefore, both these SANSKARS REMAINED A THEORETICAL EXERCISE CONFINED TO THE PAGES OF THE SANSKAR VIDHI AND THE SATYARTH PRAKASH.

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By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
A calf in Siberia was sick and sitting motionless. Its caretakers and their colleagues made an all out effort to help the calf stand up on its legs lest it died of lack of blood circulation. The men succeeded and the calf survived.
A man had been lying in bed for days as he felt unwell. The attending doctor gave suitable medicines and strongly advised the sick man to stand on his feet at periodic intervals and do deep breathing lest he expired. The deep breathing in standing position helped man feel better due to adequate blood circulation in his body. He survived.
Moral of the story is – ARISE. If one keeps on lying in bed and remains inactive, he will make no progress. If a woman is gripped with inertia, she will succumb to lethargy resulting from zero activity. Inertia may prove to be fatal. One has to be active all the time while awake.
AWAKE – slumber not lest you miss the boat. One has to awake physically, mentally and spiritually. Sleep is important for good health but one has to sleep for as many hours as his body and mind need. If one sleeps for longer time than required for good health, one will be gripped with inertia and that may lead to premature end to the present life.
One is advised to keep company with the Enlightened Human Beings who will help the groping- in the Dark soul to achieve. A good Guru who leads the ignorant men and women selflessly is the ideal being to lead others to the goal of achievement. One should stop not until one has Achieved the goal.

The above mantra is from the Kathopnishad and is a piece of advice from the Rishi to the unenlightened human beings. Swami Vivekananda was indeed so fond of this mantra from the Kathopnishad that he quoted it in his speeches delivered both in Bharat and abroad. The stirring voice of the Swami and his earnest appeal to the audience really guided human beings, both men and women to Arise, Awake and Achieve. One has to keep going on the right path indicated by the Vedas until one reaches the desired goal.
Charaiveti Charaiveti – that is the Vedic command to human beings – Move On, Move On. If one keeps going on the path of Enlightenment, one will remain far away from sins, all kinds of Paps (sins) and strive for Punya. It is indeed this movement of enlightenment that guides a human being to the ultimate goal –MOKSHA. Moksha means freedom from the bondage of present cycle of Birth; Death and Rebirth. After all one has to free oneself from bondage of this cycle of birth, death and rebirth to remain in a state of Bliss or the blessed state named MOKSHA.
With a view to helping a human being tread on the right road of enlightenment shown by the celestial, divine Vedas as interpreted by Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Rishis of all ages have been emphasizing on correct conduct of our souls in human bodies. A human being is advised by the enlightened Rishis to keep away from the wrong road carved out by the Rakshasas and keep going on the right road. Indeed walking on the path of life is as difficult as walking on the razor’s edge – kshurasya Dhara as exemplified by the mantra from the Kathopanishad quoted above in the Devanagari script. Indeed the path is full of thorns but at its end the goal is heartening indeed.
A human being need not be disheartened by pitfalls on the thorny road because completing the journey successfully will be a pleasant achievement in itself.
Therefore, Arise Awake Achieve.
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– By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram has been a role model for the common man for many a millennium. Indeed he is a tower of strength to us when we falter; a source of inspiration when our spirits sag. Anecdotes of Shri Ram’s life are a morale booster when we are down in the dumps. Shri Ram cheers us when our lives become cheerless. One may say that the message of the Mahapurush, Shri Ram is: there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
“If winter comes, can spring be far behind,’’ say words and deed of the hero of history penned in Valmiki’s Ramayan. Rishi Valmiki portrays Shri Ram as a man of flesh and blood who lived, walked, worked and died in this world of ours. Shri Ram had gone through trials and tribulations of life as a mortal man. We, the men of today feel strong enough to weather this storm exactly in the same way as he did in his days.
Today we feel that he is one of us and yet he is head and shoulders above us. We look to him for guidance when the path of progress looks absolutely blocked. Guidance does come. We feel inspired and we launch ourselves into action with a missionary zeal. In these days of patricide and fratricide, Shri Ram’s instinctive and instant obedience of his father, Raja Dashrath’s reluctant command to exile him for 14 years is the finest example of filial piety. Shri Ram’s coronation was cancelled and not a word of murmur in protest crossed his lips. He remained calm and collected in thought, word and action. His banishment made no dent in his love for and loyalty to Ayodhya, the capital of his ancestors’ kingdom and later in life his own.
He displayed equanimity of mind of the highest order. Shri Ram, in the state of exile, maintained his organizational skill, befriended the civilized and the not so civilized tribes, won over people of all sorts to his side to wage the war against the evil. What better evidence of strength of character and resilience does one need! Shri Ram is a king of kings. He reigns supreme in our minds and hearts. Year after year we celebrate Dussehra and eulogise the victory of good over evil. We emulate his qualities of head and heart. It is for our benefit that we have made Dussehra an annual feature. The common man draws strength from the enactment of difficult days of Shri Ram’s life.
We enact the epic battle of Shri Ram and Ravana. We rejoice at Shri Ram’s victory and shed no tears over the defeat and demise of the demon king Ravana. Again it is for an orderly conduct of human society that the victory of the good is celebrated and the defeat of the evil is never lamented.
Sant Tulsidas in his epic `Ramcharitmanas’ deified Shri Ram and put him on a pedestal. However, Shri Ram denies this privilege to himself and talks of praying to the Supreme Being to draw strength for the final battle against the Rakshasas. In the closing days of the Ram-Ravana battle, Shri Ram is fighting on foot whereas Ravana is on a mighty chariot. A subdued and overawed Vibhishan’s morale is lifted by Shri Ram who talks of a `Vijay Rath’ or the victory chariot; “Chivalry tempered with patience are wheels of my chariot, truth is the high flying pennant, wisdom and valour are my horses, compassion is their reins and a prayer to the almighty coupled with the obedience to Guru is the impenetrable armour. Pray, what better chariot of war leading to victory can there be?’’
Shri Ram has always accepted additional responsibility cheerfully. He met the danger to the society halfway and never shirked his responsibility. A brilliant example of his sense of responsibility is seen when Rishi Vishwamitra asked his father, Raja Dashrath to make the services of Shri Ram and his brother Lakshman available to him to deal with the menace of demons in the `Tapovan’. The demons used to disrupt the religious rituals especially the Yajna of the Rishis by pouring flesh and blood into the `Havan kund.’ Although King Dashrath was a little reluctant to let Shri Ram go into the jungle at that tender age to deal with demons, but Shri Ram himself never demurred. He was too happy to be of service to the rishis and promote the path of righteousness.
Once he had entered the battle zone and faced the she-devil, `Tadaka,’ he continued observing the rules of the dharma yudh even when the she-devil launched a version of the chemical warfare. The she-devil was good at what is known as `Mayavi yudh,’ (war of stratagem and deception) but Shri Ram was too good for her stratagems. Using his Yogic powers in the use of the weapon system, Shri Ram had the better of her eventually and destroyed the demons both in letter and spirit. In this battle with the demons, Shri Ram had taken a great risk and was exposed to danger of losing life or limb but he fought determinedly and fought to win. Indeed, we all feel inspired in our day to day battle of life and feel encouraged to fight to win.
In the present day world the politicians who run the state are, generally speaking, on the periphery of the spirit of concept called “Service before Self.’’ It is seen that the self serving administrators of today, keep the self above the society and thus often fall prey to various kinds of allurements put forward by the enemies of the state. Apparently, they have drawn little lesson from the life and times of Shri Ram. Notwithstanding, personal discomfort and grave risk to his health he never shunned undertaking difficult jobs. In the deep and dense jungles of the southern Indian peninsula he met all kinds of evil forces led by the Rakshasas who came to attack him again and again. Khar and Dushan were the two leading demon generals who used special arms and were masters of stratagems. Shri Ram never sued for peace with them but fought against them till he had them eliminated from this world.
In this series of endless battles with the Rakshasas the culminating point was the one where he himself fought against Ravana, the king of Lanka. As described heretofore, Ravana had all the might of the state at his disposal whereas Shri Ram had only his personal prowess and yogic shakti to depend on. No doubt, he had befriended, trained and prepared for war, the semi-civilized tribes of the jungles, had trained their generals like Jamvant and had very loyal captains of war like Hanuman ji and Angad but the balance of power in military terms clearly tilted in favour of King Ravana. An ordinary person in those circumstances would have been overawed and possibly turned tail. But Shri Ram did not do that. It was sheer will and determination that kept him going and even under adverse circumstances like the grave battle wound to his brother Lakshman, he was not deterred. He might have bemoaned the ill-luck that his brother suffered from, but kept the spirit of `never-say-die’
alive. He kept his goal in view and did everything that was humanly possible to achieve the aim. Indeed, he was a great `Maha-purush’ and his life is worth emulating by one and all many millennia after he departed from this mundane world.
Shri Ram motivates us, the common man, to fight and win the battle of life.

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By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
Pakistan has done damage to India’s reputation by blasting to death about 40 CRPF personnel moving in a long convoy from Jammu to Srinagar. A radicalized 20-year old Kashmiri young man who was under training of the enemy’s terror wing for over one year unnoticed by own security and intelligence wings, drove in a civilian car filled with about 200 Kg of lethal explosives and deliberately collided with a CRPF vehicle carrying 40 odd personnel and the terror mission was accomplished.
It was fatal to allow a civilian car on the road when a long convoy was using the highway. Who allowed it and why must be brought out and published for the knowledge of general public. Is there a black sheep in the flock? If so, why did it have a free hand? Are there more of that ilk? If so, when will they be weeded out? These are serious questions that need immediate attention of the Indian policy makers and custodians of our security. Common citizens are aware of the fact that there are some men who live in India but sing songs in praise of Pakistan. They must be proceeded against as per law of the land and put behind the bars. Hurriet and other separatists must not be looked after by the State as they plan against our people. Stop their free medical treatment and let them die a natural death.
The Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs met under the chairmanship of the Pradhan Mantri, Shri Narendra Modi at his residence on 15 Feb 18, a day after the fatal blast at Pulwama and it was attended by everyone who matters in looking after security of Bharat. What was the outcome? Well it is not yet in the public domain and should not be. Security of the country must not be made public at this stage. Tit-bits like preparation of a brochure on the said attack to confront Pakistan with is doing rounds in the newshound circle. It should not be given more importance than what other options including the military options were discussed and when is an action on ground expected to be taken. Giving Pakistan a brochure on the Pulwama attack will be an exercise in futility like in the past and let us not repeat it like morons.
A golden decision arrived at was to withdraw the Most Favoured Nation status given to Pakistan by an earlier regime. Now the wrong has been righted. As a matter of fact Pakistan should be made to feel like a pariah in the comity of nations. Even Chine may be persuaded to see the light of the day and keep terrorists at bay. After all terrorists and separatists from the Chinese province of Xinjiang are being given lessons in terrorism and separatism by mullahs in Pakistan.
Obviously, military option is not going to be seriously considered because it needs the element of Surprise which is well nigh impossible at the present juncture. The element of SURPRISE is necessary to win a war and right now it is not there.
How about declaring Pakistan a Terrorist State and severe all diplomatic and commercial connections with it? Well, it is indeed a popular option which a common man will love to see in action. Nevertheless, there are many international implications and India will be required to carry other major powers on board. The western powers like USA are holding Pakistan accountable for the terror attack on Pulwama but China is significantly quiet on the matter as of now. Pakistan as usual is in the denial mode ut no one fails to notice the sense of guilt that it cannot hide. They say in Hindi”chor ki dadhi mein tinka” and many are noticeable from a distance without using a telescope.
Our Pradhan Mantri has gone public to say that Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price for this act of terror and we know that the terroristan will not be able to hide its face nor its guilt behind a fig leaf. Of course, everyone knows that India will not be declaring a war at this stage because to wage a war or many battles the element of Surprise has to be maintained. Now Pakistan is prepared to face an attack by India and, therefore India will not put into action a military option, at least not for now. Pradhan Mantri Modi will definitely keep his options close to his chest and divulge the plan of action when the time is ripe. The cards held close to the chest should be revealed only when the time is ripe and appropriate action will produce results. Modi ji is a pragmatic man and an astute statesman and even the enemy does not expect him to go into military attack now as it may not bring the kind of success that the country expects. It will have to be debated and action taken when it would be appropriate. Let the enemy keep guessing and get tired. Give the enemy a battle when he expects it least and is tired of waiting.
Surprise is one of the Ten Principles of War and an important one. All military strategists and even tacticians realize the importance of element of Surprise in winning a war. Let us in India make the best use of it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now given full freedom to the Indian Armed Forces to choose time, place and method of avenging the terrorist strike by Pakistan and its cohorts at Pulwama. Let us let our brave officers and Jawans make best use of their talent and chivalry to bring the enemy across the border on its knees.
One day India will engage Pakistan into a battle where it would be a fight to finish and the word Pakistan will be obliterated from the map of the world and slip into oblivion. Let us have patience and await that big day when the big battle will begin in the right earnest and the enemy will be least prepared. Will be caught napping and given a mortal blow.
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By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
ALOHA, welcome to Hawaii where the Hindu American Lawmaker was brought up and nurtured to become a powerful member of the US House of Representatives. Born in a nearby island, American Samoa thirty seven years ago of a Roman Catholic father, Mr Gabbard, and an Indian origin Caucasian mother, Carol, Tulsi is a practicing Hindu and well versed in spiritual text of the most ancient religion of the world. By the way Tulsi means sacred basil plants and leaves revered by the Hindus all over the world.
Her own marriage to Eduardo Tamayo in 2002 and after divorce in 2006, to Abraham Williams in 2015 was performed as per rituals prescribed in the Vedas. The Vedic weddings were of her own choosing and she loved them.
When the Gabbard family moved to Hawaii to make the place their permanent home, Tulsi was only two and a half years old. She grew up in the 50th State of the United States of America as a perfect American citizen with growing interest in politics, environment and social activities that included philanthropy, asking well to do citizens to help fellow Americans who found it difficult to make both ends meet. Helping the needy was a part of spiritual upbringing as a devotee of the Vaishnav community inspired by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a renowned saint of the Hindu community in Bengal, India. Perhaps this inspiration guided Tusi to join the Medical unit of the Hawaii Army National Guard in 2003. She has been a part of that outfit since then and now holds the rank of a Major. Of course, she did two foreign assignments too; one in Iraq and the other in Kuwait.
Tulsi continued with her military assignments and enthusiastically pursued her career in US politics too. She learnt her steps in the Hawaii House of Representatives and learnt to run for the US House of Representatives successfully in 2013. Thereafter, Tulsi did not have to look back and was successful in election for another term in the US House of Representatives from the second District of Hawaii. Obviously, her constituents are happy with her performance and she has been in touch with the electors all along.
By the way, a mention must be made of her academic world progress. She kept in close touch with the academic world too. Tulsi obtained the degree of Bachelor in Science in Business Administration from the Hawaii Pacific University. She needed this knowledge both in theory and practice since her family is deeply involved in business to make both ends meet.
Tulsi’s fellow politicians and colleagues in the US House of representative have a good impression of her personality. They assess her as a “compelling figure”. She takes keen interest in the India oriented political thought process. She is an elected co-chair of the Congressional INDIA CAUCUS. Thus Tulsi is able to safeguard interests of India in that important American forum.
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard wears many hats in different areas of political, social and religious activities. She wears them well and does not give her political opponents a chance to call her names. On the contrary, she calls a spade a spade. If she feels that interests of her constituents are trampled with, she calls the aggressor names and ensures that remedial action is promptly taken. When she was fighting for justice to the murdered man of Saudi Arabia and found that the Trump Administration was backing the Saudi Arabian Royal family against the interests of Justice, Tulsi did not hesitate for a second in chastising the US President in supporting the Saudi Royal family. Tulsi refered to President Trump as “Saudi Arabian bitch”.
Tulsi Gabbard is a forward looking person and aspires high. She has written a book, now under print, titled “ Is Today the Day? Not another Political Memoir.” No wonder Tulsi is an aspirant to occupy the White House after the Presidential race in 2020 is won by her. Presently, she is busy for the primaries to be nominated as the Democrat party nominee by edging out the present incumbent Donald Trump.
How does Tulsi Gabbard manage to remain cool despite serious provocation of political opponents? Well, the answer is simple. Tulsi is a pure Vegetarian and has been one all along. It helps in maintaining mental equilibrium, the poise and balance needed to handle provocative situations. One may safely say that it augurs well for Tulsi in the presidential race. May God be with her and may she cross all hurdles to breast the tape at the finishing point.
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By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Smt Mahazbeen, wife of terrorist turned martyr L/NK Nazir Ahmed Wani of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry will receive the ASHOK Chakra for her martyr husband from Shri Ram Nath Kovind, President of India on the Republic Day 2019.
It is indeed an inspiring story of a patriotic Kashmiri young man who is the First man from the valley of Kashmir to receive Ashok Chakra, the highest gallantry award awarded for an act of bravery in peace time. The story is a true example of a young man who had taken the gun to fight against the Republic of India for a mistaken cause of freedom for his homeland having been brainwashed by bearded Islamic preachers who had infiltrated from Pakistan. Day in and day out, they would tell tales of the Indian Army desecrating their places of worship, their books of religion and ravishing their women. The cock and bull stories were bound to make an impact on raw minds of the Kashmiri youth, especially in the absence of intensive counter propaganda to tell the Truth and lay bare false tales.
Nazir Ahmed like other Kashmiri youths felt suffocated on listening to false tales every now and then. He had no option but to join ranks of other misguided young men who mistakenly thought that they had no choice but to defend the Deen or their Islamic faith and honour of their women. During these terror strikes he discovered to his horror that the Pakistani propagandist were leading them up the garden path. He realized rather early that false stories of atrocities on Kashmiri women and desecration of their Islamic places of worship were being fed to him and other misguided Kashmiri young men.
Seeing is believing. He discovered the Truth for himself and found his women safe and sound and places of worship untouched. The discovery of Truth awakened him. With his eyes open and mind shut nop more, he quietly slipped out of the clutches of his so called Pakistani mentors who were in fact torture agents of the neighbouring country exploiting both young women and boys for their sexual satisfaction. When the Truth shone like Sun and the wisdom dawned on him, he chose the right path of liberating his Kashmiri men and women from bondage of Pakistanis.
Nazir Ahmed Wani joined the Territorial Army unit attached to the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry. Its training centre was in the Kashmir valley where he could breathe fresh air, the air of freedom. It was the real liberation for Wani and he wanted the Pakistanis to teach a lesson. He received intensive training in Counter-Insurgency and made up his mind to fight to finish and send some misguided Kashmiri youth who had become terrorists like he was not too long ago.
Nazir Ahmed Wani was now self motivated to fight for his beloved Kashmir and teach the wrong doers a lesson. He never faltered in his mission. In many an operation against terrorists, both Pakistani and local, he had the better of them and foiled their terror plans. Wani knew their modus operandi as he was one of them not too long ago. His ferocious counter-attacks and both planning and execution of anti-terror operations came as a surprise to both friend and foe. Nazir Ahmed Wani’s bravery in skirmishes and anti-terror operations became a talk of the town. The young neo-patriot was awarded Sena Medal for gallantry twice and this rightful award further enthused him to go in for more kills both far and near.
On 24th November 2018, while engaged in another counter-insurgency operation, L/NK Nazir Ahmed Wani eliminated a terrorist in a close quarter battle. Soon another terrorist of foreign descent came rather close to Wani with is gun blazing but Wani, with grit and determination, bumped him off too. Unfortunately, there were too many of them around and while making an endeavour to kill one of them, Nazir Wani received a burst fire from them and fell fighting for the cause of his motherland, and loved ones. Wani made the supreme sacrifice Leaving behind his wife and two children but saving others from being rendered widows and orphans.
The Republic of India honoured the brave son of the soil by conferring on him the Ashok Chakra posthumously. The Rashtrapati will confer the great honour on him by presenting the medal to his wife, Smt Mahazbeen on 26 January 2019 at the Rajpath.
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Meet South Africa’s FIRST FAMILY
By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
As I glanced through the brief on the Indian Republic’s 70th Parade, I found that the present President of South Africa will be our Chief guest. Fine indeed. Nelson Mandela, a freedom fighter and man of grit and determination was the first South African President to be the Chief guest of the Indian Republic Day Parade. I delved deep into records and hit on Your Family Magazine, published from South Africa and has both White and Black women of letters on the editorial board. I am glad to say that I found authentic material on the First Family of South Africa. I am using that in the present write up as seen from Indian eyes.
The fifth Black President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has an impressive personality as a freedom fighter and the First Citizen. Nelson Mandela downwards the present administration of South Africa has managed affairs of State well. After a long rule of the White minority and incarceration of Black leaders and masses, when the process of transfer of power commenced in the 1990s and the first Black President was sworn in, in 1994, the affairs of state were quite peaceful There were no large scale riots, rapes or robbery. Of course, a few incidents here and there cannot be categorized as a general rule but only as exceptions.
I learn that there are one point Five million Indians who have adopted South Africa as their home. They did not rise in a mass revolt against the minority White rule or their Apartheid policy but remained as passive watchers on the sidelines. One wonders why? When Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi led his peaceful Satyagrah, NON-VIOLENT PEACEFUL AGITATION FOR truth, against the atrocities of the then rulers, Indians of all faiths were quite active. Thereafter, they were almost leaderless and failed to find their moorings. Indeed the common Indian community settled there did carry on with their day to day life with some hiccups here and there.
Back to New Delhi, capital of India, that is Bharat. We are celebrating our 70th Republic Day Parade on 26 Jan 19. A great day indeed. Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa will be our Chief Guest. The First Lady of South Africa, Dr Tshepo Motsape-Ramaphosa, will accompany her darling husband and father of their three children. Let us know them more closely.
President Cyril Ramaphosa is a freedom fighter and was closely associated with Nelson Mandela in their struggle against Apartheid and White minority rule. As is known to us, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years on an island where he could not communicate with any other human being. President Cyril Ramaphosa was also tried and sentenced to solitary imprisonment twice; 11 months first time and six months second time. He did not give up and today has reached the pinnacle of his political career. He is humane and does not suffer from the psychological feeling of Revenge against those who had tortured him.
President Ramaphosa will be accompanied by a large delegation comprising 9 ministers, 50 businessmen and other political leaders. His visit will strengthen the existing friendly ties between India and South Africa. He will address a large gathering under forum of Gandhi-Mandela Freedom Fighters. Trade talks between the two delegations will bolster trade and commerce between the two nations, it is hoped.
The official visit of the First Lady of South Africa, Dr Tshepo Motsepe- Ramaphosa, will indeed generate a lot of interest among the women folk in India about health and hygiene of both women and children. The First Lady is not only a doctor, a mother of three children but a leading social worker providing free health care to the destitute and the downtrodden.
The First Lady is a Patron of an institute ASHA, an institution run by African Self-Help Trust. By the way, the word ASHA in Hindi(national language of India) means Hope. The First Lady provides a ray of hope to those who feel that life is Hopeless.
We look forward to better and closer ties between India and South Africa.
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